Why Us

Alexandria Crewing Agency has an experienced team that has worked in multinational powerhouses such as ExxonMobil, Shell Trading and Shipping Company Ltd., CMA CGM and Saudi Aramco's Vela International Marine Ltd.

Thus, ACA management team has attained a world-class understanding of international safety regulations and quality standards as well as an awareness of the ever-advancement of shipping technology, including the constant increase in demand for specific knowledge and additional specialized skills required by the market.

Our combined experience of more than a decade has given us the desired vision, the collected drive and the definite perseverance to establish this enterprise which, we pledge, will be beneficial to all parties involved.

Alexandria Crewing Agency provides several advantages that are incomparable to anywhere else.



  • Location

We are based in Alexandria, Egypt, traditionally the home of thousands of seamen and the main center of maritime business in Egypt, It is also the hometown of The Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport ( AASTMT ) :
Established in 1974, the leading maritime Academy and the first IMO certified maritime academy in the Middle East and Africa, white list classified and one of the co-founders of IAMU (The International Association of Maritime Universities)

The AASTMT is the representative of Egypt in it's memorandum of understanding signed in 2001 with the IMO , that consists of conducting training courses planned by the technical cooperation department, IMO to Arab, Mediterranean and African countries.



  • Personnel

We have at our disposal a significant number of cadets and officers (deck, engine, and electrical), mostly from The Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport.

As a result, our seafarers, all STCW 95 compliant, complete their undergraduate work with Bachelors of Navigational studies, marine engineering technology, marine and offshore engineering, mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, this ensures our candidates are more than technically qualified to accomplish their responsibilities at sea in a solid professional manner.

Moreover, our personnel is a multinational breed from the entire Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa, which is an added advantage for our clients as our candidates come from a multilingual background and are used to thrive in an international environment. They speak English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Swahili, and Portuguese.



  • Partners

In order to reach the maximum professional service, Alexandria Crewing Agency has signed a partnership with                                                     The International Forum For Maritime Transport IFMT, organized by the Arab Academy For Science And Technology And Maritime Transport AASTMT and whereby situated .

In benefits of partnership with IFMT, Alexandria Crewing Agency has been proven to be the exclusive crewing agency in Egypt and the region officially cooperating and working side to side with the AASTMT in serving the marine crewing industry by all disposed means.

And from this respect, ACA has well earned an international accreditation and recognition from the first and only approved maritime institute in Africa and the Middle East, moreover has guaranteed continuous supply of nominated, certified well selected seafarers.

Also full use of the AASTMT's facilities is granted to the agency in education and training service of every potential caliber and assurance for every enterprise.

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  • Suez canal

Consequently, as most of the world's maritime fleet passes through the Suez Canal, it is evident that hiring our personnel will reduce our clients' crew change expenses

In continuing being professional and efficient, ACA has initiated the idea and is undertaking the study of a mega project in collaboration with AASTMT and the Suez Canal Authorities, in which all ships crewed with Egyptian national seafarers will benefit a reducted Suez canal passage fees. This project is considered to be revolutionary promising and encouraging for ship owners and commitment at its best for Alexandria Crewing Agency.



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