The Port of Damietta

The port of Damietta dates to Roman times. The configuration of the port at the mouth of the Damietta branch of the Nile has changed significantly over the centuries partly due to the increasing fan of the DELTA and partly due to progression/regressions of the Mediterranean Sea over the past 2000 years.

During the last 200 years, the significance of the port has subsided greatly. The ancient port has been only for shallow trading between Damietta and Syria. Now it has become a fishing port and accommodates occasional barges engaged in Nile River traffic.


The new Damietta port is a multipurpose one which started recently to operate since July 1987, through which it has handled several million tons mostly grain, flour and other bulk goods, also general cargo The annual port capacity is 5.6 Million tons.

The new port is one of the most significant steps Egypt has undertaken to improve foreign trade facilities. After a study of flow of trade-traffic undertaken through the Mediterranean in the late seventies, Egyptian experts and US consultants agreed that a new port should be built between the two existing Mediterranean harbors of Alexandria and Port-Said.

Another requirement was proximity to the Nile River, in order to ensure access to inland navigation.

Damietta port is situated on the Mediterranean coast, about 23 miles west of Port-Said with a road distance of 70 km, and 10 km from the Nile's Eastern branch near the seaside resort Ras El-Bar.

Damietta is a first class transshipment port as it can accommodate large vessels due to the deep draught 14.5 m. In addition to this, vessels can enter and leave the port any-time; day and night, without any restrictions, so those transiting the Suez-Canal either North or South bound can use Damietta port without any deviation which saves quiet a lot of time.

In addition to the above mentioned advantages, the port enjoys the unique chance of having wide areas inside and around it. These areas can be utilized for storage, depots, workshops, free zone and other different activities related to harbor. Moreover, the port offers the best transportation facilities to the hinterland.

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